Thursday, March 9, 2006

I don't dye my hair, I swear!

Last night was the Culture Show for the International Students Association at my college. I over committed myself and was doing a line dance, Indian dance, and a swing dance. Seeing as how it was a relatively short program, one had to be quick backstage. Dance, change costumes, dance, change, dance, change, ect. But I had no fear; I excel at high pressure, quick situations. Will those who know me please stop laughing.

I was psyched about the show and had just finished passing out programs in the foyer. The line dance number was up in about 1.5 minutes so I ran out the side door, down the walkway, and towards the backstage.

Let me pause and set the scene for you: Imagine a walkway that leads to a large (5' x 8') pane of glass, with a glass door beside it. They create the wall. On the inside of this wall is the dark backstage area where Shea, friends, and about 20 members of the step team were waiting to perform.

I rapidly run down the path with the intent to fly through the open glass door and run to my position ready to dance. As I was running "through" the "door" I felt my entire body smash into something solid...very solid! I'd chosen the glass wall to go through instead o
f the door and I can now tell you, that doesn't work.

Pain, swelling, and deeply concerned friends were instantaneous. The pain stayed, but the concern quickly turned into badly muffled histarics when my "friends" saw the nose and mouth imprint on the glass wall. Okay, I admit, I was cracking up too, who would do such a stupid thing?!

Shea, best friend that she is, laughed hardest of all, but quickly redeemed herself by applying some 30 second makeup magic to conceal the brilliant colors of white, green, and purple that had instantly sprung up on my nose. And so the show went on.

As it turns out, one of my good friends did the exact same thing last year except she hit it with the side of her face and cracked the glass. I guess I'm not as abnormally clumsy as I supposed!