Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Define: miles

GPS: Turn left in 1.5 miles.
Nye:  Uh-oh, it said miles...miles means the chicken goes on the road.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Harvesting Oregano

The oregano was getting weeding looking and Nye was getting antsy inside.  What a perfect match!  

Trimming immediately brought him to a focused and calm place and kept him there for quite a while.


Nye: "Mom, can I play on computer?"
Me: "No."
Nye: "Mom, can I play on your phone?"
Me: "No, Nye."
Nye: "Mom, can I watch TV?"
Me: "No."
Nye:  "Mommmmm, you not say no to everything!"
Me:  "Nye, go find something else to play with...we're not doing those right now.  I want you to entertain yourself!"


Touché my boy, you dug through all the boxes and found the one other electronic toy in the house....

Done with Quarantine! Almost...

YAY!!  Today marks the first day in almost a month and a half that we're not contagious with whooping cough!!  We can get together with people again!

Or we could have if Nye hadn't woken up with a fever of 101.5, vomit, and had a few bouts of diarrhea for the past 24 hours and Lizzy didn't wake up with a slightly swollen, rash face like this:

 Oh yay, looks like another day at home. :-D

At least Lizzy still has her sense of humor.  My best guess is that hers is a case of hives from either sleeping on the carpet last night or a bubble bath from yesterday afternoon?  Time will tell.