Friday, May 4, 2012

Sweet No's...

This little guy's been a sickie for the past week or so.  I suppose he didn't feel like eating a lot, but had two things in mind for sure.  Lollipops (pop-pop -->the items on the freezer he's pointing to) and yogurt.  He knows  his mind!  I couldn't help but film such sweet "no"s.

On a side note: The past three of four posts have been about yogurt.  Apparently it's a big deal here.  We need all the healthy bacteria we can get our stomachs on.  :)

Mail Delivery!

Lizzy hand delievered all these letters (about 35) to residents at a nursing and rehabiliation home in our area.  We spent about 40 minutes giving the perfect card to each resident, occasionally singing or dancing for them.  It is THE perfect service for her!  She adores making cards and everyone enjoyed meeting her and getting a surprise card.  She's got a good heart!
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