Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Receiving my first angry letter...

Lizzy brought me a card tonight.  She sternly told me I needed to open it right now and she would read it to me.

Apparently it reads:

"Dear Mommy,
I am sooooo mad at you right now because you gave my tea to Nye.  That was my tea and I liked it.  You can't give it away and now I am so frustrated!!!  You need to make me another one right now."

The two people holding hands at the bottom?  They are angry angry people and want me to make Lizzy tea. 

As demanding as that letter sounds, I'm actually very impressed with how mature her response was!  She got mad, ran over to her writing desk, and quietly spent time writing me a letter that expressed her disappointment and proposed a solution. 

Just to clear my name, this was the tea she absolutely refused to drink all day yesterday and all day today.  She thought it was yucky.  Yet somehow she doesn't remember that part.    :-)