Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Herbert and heart shaped rocks

Lizzy went from deathly afraid of spiders to letting daddy long legs crawl up her arms in one day!  A feat for her!! 

Thanks in large part to Pamela Jay of heart shaped rocks.  She explained to Lizzy that daddy long legs are named Herbert.  And they don't eat little girls, but prefer sherbert. 

I guess naming your fears works!

Welcome into our lives Pamela and Herberts of all shapes and sizes!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The kids helped me season a whole rainbow trout for dinner tonight.  We talked about where the stomach was, where it pooped, what the teeth felt like, and how it breathed.  They were pretty captivated until I chopped it's head off.  Nye was aghast and kept saying "poor fishy, poor fishy."  It was a good segway into discussing how the dead know nothing and can't feel anything.  Lizzy got the concept quickly and began to reassure Nye.  "Don't worry Nye, you won't feel it when they cut your head off because you'll be dead already!" (big, confident smile) 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Late at night

Mid-July 12:18am.  Last night of vacation.  Just put kids to bed in same room with us.  Conversation in the dark ensures...real, difficult feelings come out.

Nye: Mommy, you stupid. (I took his glow stick away because he was eating it.) 
Lizzy: Don't say that.  It's evil.  You're evil Nye if you say that!
Nye: I not like Mommy.  I want mommy to die.
Lizzy:  But then you'll never ever ever EVER see her again....not even in the Kingdom of God!
Nye:  Well... I will hit Goliath.  Then I hit him and save mommy.  Then I hug her, I love mommy!