Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Best. Song. Ever!

Lizzy has taken to song writing recently.  As I was cleaning up the piano room, I saw this one sitting on the ledge.  She hasn't sung it to me yet, but I had to transcribe it before something happened to it, because it really is the best song ever (at least in my opinion).   :-D

Original Lyrics:

Mothers are cering
mothers are sweet
Mothers are like a staarre they hav
cer a balt us in the world haye
my mother is p sweet
_______________________________(line drawn across page)
too me v my mother shood be tackin cker ov too too oo.
She is my shine ee n love thing
she is the one I love oo u
But she is my only mother of all all all.

Mothers are cering
Mothers are sweet
My mother brings my heart too me
My mother is cering and my mother is sweet
She is like a cering gron up and
she o reel ee reel ee is
She is the one I reel ee cer a balt her
She is the one I love very much so much

Mothers are caring,
Mother are sweet.
Mother are like a star.
They have care about us in the world. Hey!
My mother is sweet
to me.  My mother should be taken care of too too oooooo. (remember it's a song)
She is my shining love thing.
She is the one; I love ooooooo you.
But she is my only mother of all, all, all.....

Mothers are caring.
Mothers are sweet.
My mother brings my heart to me.
My mother is caring,
and my mother is sweet.
She is like a caring grown up and
She, oh,  is. Really, really is.
She is the one.  I really care about her.
She is the one I love very much, so much.)

Apparently she got all my sweetness genes and then some. :D