Monday, September 19, 2011

Doctrinal Growth

We were listening to music while I made dinner when I heard:

Lizzy: "Mommy, what is 'pavalioned in splendor'?"
Me: "It means God is clothed in brillance and majesty and it's really awesome and pretty and..."

Lizzy still had a confused face, so I quickly googled the definition of splendor.

Me: "It also means, a brilliant appearnce or granduer and pomp."

I was still despairing of the right words when Lizzy said, "Oh! It's like BOOM, BOOM!" as she signed 'lightening' and 'thunder'.

Yep, that describes it! Good girl!

As I was wondering how she got so smart, she proceeded to accidentally lock herself in the bathroom. It was a 10 minute ordeal of her crying and me describing how to unlock it.* Just goes to prove that those academic types have no common sense! :D

*I know I could have unlocked it from my end with a screwdriver, but I wanted practice in case she ever locked me out of the house-which she almost did one time!
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Friday, September 9, 2011

New Heretical Church

Lizzy has started her own church.

She found a small table and makes me sit and be quiet while she reads from "New Good Food: A Shopper's Pocket Guide." The people are friendly there, and it has a very celebratory atmosphere. The preacher talks for about 30 seconds then yells, "Now it time to run and play!!!" and proceeds to run and play. After a few laps around the congregation, she goes back to the podium and tells me to be quiet again.

However, I find the scripture reading questionable. The last sermon taught this:

"The fruit of the Spirit is....... elephants. Now, Run and PLAY!"

Still, I think I'll stay because the pastor is really cute.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dress Up

I put a new bin out for my kids. A dress up trunk. After a while I heard Lizzy crying, "IT"S NOT WORKING!"

Yep, that's the hard way to get a leotard on.

Notice the small hand in the lower left corner reaching for the dress. That's Nye. He's obessed with the feel of taffeta on this dress. Lizzy can't even put it on because as soon as she gets it out, he's chasing her, trying to touch it. When he sees it lying around, he rests his head on it, pops up, and does it again. When he's through with that, he'll grab some and gently rub it on his cheek. It's adorable enough to provide proof-see below.

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