Thursday, November 9, 2006

The irony of it all!

Did I hear this wrong? I was listening to NPR's All Things Considered (I listen to whatever is on when I'm folding laundry) and the traffic announcer began by talking about their sponsor. However, it struck me as hilarious when she worded it in this way:

Traffic made possible by Toyota.

Truth in advertising!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Wow, it's been a small while since I last visited here. After many family members requesting me to write a bit more often, I thought I'd take that chance now. Actually what prompted me to write today was the sheer happiness I felt today.

It is an overcast day. Rain softly drains from the clouds, and the air has a chill in it. The mood is not depressing, but completely cozy. I spent today reading, cleaning, ironing, and doing laundry. I had finished doing the dishes a while ago, and everything in the kitchen was in it's place when I took a break for lunch. Opening the cupboard for a dish, I couldn't help but break into a smile! My white bowls looked like many doves nestled away and crowded together, ready to withstand the cold of the day. I could almost see them draw back to avoid the cold wind as I opened the cupboard door. Perhaps there is a bit of an overactive imagination here, but it had a cheerful effect none the less!

In other happenings, Lee and I returned from the November Lock-In this weekend. What a wonderful time! We had a brunch at church consisting of quiches, breakfast pastries, and all sorts of goodness. Then services included Matt, Nick, Lee, and Nathan who all gave really thoughtful messages. I was impressed and delighted, proud of all of them, and cramped in my hand from writing so fast! They all focused around baptism, what to do with your life, and how to live better (though it was not planned to be that way).

After church (there were so many friends present!), we socialized and munched on snacks of brownies, cookies, fruit, cheese, and crackers. Then Mr. Schurter led an interactive bible study, after which we had a spagetti dinner with salad, and garlic bread (this church can never be accused of not feeding the flock!!!).

After sunset, we drove over the mountains to the gym and spent the rest of the night munching on leftover goodies (see, I told you!), playing table tennis, raquetball, volleyball, and most importantly, basketball.

Late in the night the men reliquished the court to the ladies. Renita, Dennise, and I promptly started a half court game vs. Rosie (my MIL), Kathy, and Tim. The husbands, fathers, and friends sat on the benches in great amusement. I'm told that Ed taped these proceedings and also has the commentary of the benchsitters.

My sweet FIL was kind enough to tell me that Lee could rest easy about losing me, I wouldn't be drafted...ever! If I remember correctly he said this with a gigantic grin on his face!! What a great support. The ladies game was actually very hard to play!! With opponents like the Kathy, who makes you laugh so hard you simply cannot guard her, and the ever so scrappy Rosie, who can grab any ball within 4 feet of her, I didn't expect to do well. But it was GREAT fun!

Later that night, Renita, Dennise, Vanea, and I found a quite room, poured some warm drinks, pulled a sleeping bag over our legs and chatted away a good portion of the night. Rosie and Kathy found us later and joined in. It turned out to be the best conversation I've had in a while. At 6 o'clock a.m., after my last cup of warm, wonderful fruit tea, I succumbed to sleep.

Turns out that Kathy, Rosie, and Renita perserved through the whole night and then went to work cleaning up, and cooking breakfast for everyone (with Katrina doing a good bit of the cooking). Rosie woke Lee and I up around 9, and we had time to finish off the last omelet (THANK YOU katrina!) and some of Rachel and Justin's bacon (now everyone not there is jealous!!). It was perfect.

Lee and I went to his family home afterwards and while he slept for a few hours, my in laws and I went for a blustery, evening walk that wound through a corn field planted between a river and train tracks. Dinner was a treat with wholesome chili and fluffy biscuits, finished off by a generous heap of ice cream.

So, in essence, my weekend was delightful, and my week is continuing as such. Which has really been a most enjoyable gift.

Thus, you have been updated.