Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So I'm learning what every parent knows. When your kid first smiles AT you (because of gas or a reflex), it's sweet and warms your heart. But when your child first smiles BECAUSE of you (or something you did), it's overwhelming and you get so excited, yell out loud, pump your fist in the air, and jump up and down, then try to get them to do it again. Ok, so maybe that's just how I reacted, but my point it that it's awesome and exciting.

Gas/Reflex Smile:

I was playing around trying to get her to burp and giving her kisses. Then I saw that each time I came close to her face, she would crack a smile. This video only gets a little portion of it, but it was so fun!

Real Smiles!

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Courtney said...

Oh, how precious! And Little Bit Lizabeth showed us all her dimples! She's completely adorable." And I mentally called her Little Bit earlier today... I guess Mom has a powerful influence over us all!