Friday, May 22, 2009

Sand, Sand, Sand, Here I Come

Adventure at the ocean continued...

After about 6 minutes of lying in a comatose state, and 5 more minutes of marginal movement, Elizabeth's hand wandered off the blanket and discovered sand. She was very intrigued, so we sat her up to let her play.

She loved it. Too much. It was obvious this was going to end badly, but we were having so much fun with her fascination, we let the discovery take its natural course.

I don't think she expected it to turn out quite like that. Nothing had ever stuck to her face before.

Of course it ended up all in her eyes, and she felt compelled to lick her lips. This elicited a ridiculous expression followed by hacks and coughs to remove the unwanted invaders, unsuccessfully. So the adventure ended by taking one more dunk in the ocean to wash all the sand off and then feeding to wash the sand away. By the time we got to the car and put her in she was asleep (no pacifier, no cajoling, just sweet sweet sleep). It was lovely.

On a side note, I thought she picked up a cold for the next two days. Her nose constantly ran with clear mucus and she sneezed often. When it ended abruptly, I realized she didn't have a cold. Her body was just getting rid of all the sand particles shoved up her nose. Poor thing. :)

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Anonymous said...

What a precious, goofy-faced darling I have as a niece! I LOVED that day at the beach. Your baby was the star. I miss getting updates... when's the next one?!!
~Tía Courtney