Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cloth Diapering

So here are a few of my thoughts on the cloth diapers I've used so far and the ones I want to try.

My Current Stash:
Bum Genius 2.0 One Size Seconds, Pocket Diapers
My favorite at night and on long car rides. These contain the messes best for my chunky thighed little girl. I don't love stuffing them though, and am contemplating trying the organic one size bum geniuses that you don't need to stuff. The other downside is that the velcro taps seem to tub her belly a little raw. But I like the ease and fit of velcro much better than the

Kushies One Size, AIO (All in One)
These are the ones from Wal-Mart. They are pretty awful at containing anything. However, I still find myself reaching for them if I know I'm going to be staying at home for a while. I like that they are all cotton and that they require no stuffing. But they tend to leech wetness because of the way they fit at the belly.

Mommy's Touch, One Size, AIO
I love that these are all in ones, but they tend to compression leak after a while on. I also don't like the snaps at the waist. That's just a personal perference though. I think velcro gives a better fit at the waist and is much easier to put on in the dark (at night). I still have Ducky on the small size and the part that tucks in at the waist tends to flip itself out. That can spread wetness if she pees too much. But I love that they are AIO's.

My emergency, I forgot to do the wash, diapers. I like these for air travel when I want to pack lighter. I used 2 of these with 3 liners (and lots of paper liners) for a 5 day trip. They were fantastic. Still I don't like that I have to throw something away.

What I would like to try still:
Happy Heiney's
The one-size velcro version looks comfy and like it would hold well. I'm tempted, but haven't found one cheap enough yet ($8-10).

This one is very appealing because it similar to gDiapers. The only thing I don't like about the gDiapers is that you throw away the inner lining. This is the link to their site:

The natural baby company has also just released a new laudry soap I'm interested to try. It's called tiny bubbles ( they claim it's about $0.22/load. I think the homemade stuff is cheaper, but I'm not sure by how much and if it will be as effective.

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