Monday, September 19, 2011

Doctrinal Growth

We were listening to music while I made dinner when I heard:

Lizzy: "Mommy, what is 'pavalioned in splendor'?"
Me: "It means God is clothed in brillance and majesty and it's really awesome and pretty and..."

Lizzy still had a confused face, so I quickly googled the definition of splendor.

Me: "It also means, a brilliant appearnce or granduer and pomp."

I was still despairing of the right words when Lizzy said, "Oh! It's like BOOM, BOOM!" as she signed 'lightening' and 'thunder'.

Yep, that describes it! Good girl!

As I was wondering how she got so smart, she proceeded to accidentally lock herself in the bathroom. It was a 10 minute ordeal of her crying and me describing how to unlock it.* Just goes to prove that those academic types have no common sense! :D

*I know I could have unlocked it from my end with a screwdriver, but I wanted practice in case she ever locked me out of the house-which she almost did one time!
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