Friday, June 22, 2012

How We Spent Our 6th Wedding Anniversary

It started with Lee taking off work!  He never does this (ok, he did take off 3 or 4 days for Lizzy's birth, and 1 for Nye).

Next we sat down for eats and found new friends!  I was about to steam some broccoli when I noticed Cabbage Looper worms.  Lizzy refused to let me just throw them away.  So they became our lunchtime pals!  

Cool girls eat with worms crawling up their arms.  Don't ask why; it's just done.  

Next we ventured outside to get our fill of honeysuckle and blackberries.

A real friend joined us for the hunt.  Unfortunately the berries were mostly green and red.

Nye didn't let that stop him.  He was SO excited that he could help himself to as much food as he could find.    Green, black, red, leaf.  It was all the same to him.

Then Nye took Lizzy for a drive around the block.

We finished by celebrating with cremehorns.  They taste like childhood to me.  Nye ate them the same way I used to-filling first.  

Where was Lee during all this celebrating?
Vomiting on the couch.

Happy Anniversary Honey!


Courtney said...


Courtney said...

PS- Your daughter could be a posterchild for Joy, Inc. Or those copyrighted pictures-- I forget what they're called--that you buy a database of and can use at will. ESPECIALLY that one with the flowers. CUTE!!