Monday, July 23, 2012

Sticky Situations

What does $17 being wasted sound like?

-More Giggles (and to think I smiled from the other room at these first three sounds)
-A tattletell sister, maple syrup dripping off her braids, shirt, and face, saying how her brother poured syrup on the table.
-The creak of the couch as Dad jumps up to run over.
-The sharp intake of breath at the sight of a previously full maple syrup bottle toppled over--empty, a pool of syrup overflowing the plate, and a sweet, thick lake reaching halfway across the table.
-Wails of sadness at being caught.
-Rushing of bath water being poured on fulled clothed kids.

Sound about right?  Below: Full bottle of maple syrup--pre disaster.


Courtney said...

Little Nye Guy is SOOOOO cute! Is it bad that he kind of reminds me of Greek gods?

Linz said...

Probably, but hilarious that you say that. He had outgrown both the shoes I packed for him in Denver, so I went to a thrift shop to pick up a larger pair. I saw a pair of blue sandals that almost looked girly, but it was the only pair in his size. I asked a group of teenage boys what they thought about the shoes for a boy. One quickly said, "Yeah, they'll be fine." Another declined to comment. The third looked VERY unsure, then slowly said, "Ummm...just tell him it's what Greek gladiators would wear." ROFL. :) A simply no would have sufficed.

Actually they do look pretty cute on him.