Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monday is Bathrooms

I've started training the kids for bathroom cleaning.  Definitely the job I want to get rid of delegate first.  Lizzy cleaned all four bathrooms with me.  She did the sinks, counters, doorknobs, light switches, 2 showers, and 1 toliet.  She asked to get paid for it and was.  Her money was promptly spent on cookies with spinkles on them, and shared with everyone nearby! :)  Sweet girl.

Nye failed at squeezing the rags back into the bucket, but that only meant we got to mop the floors as well.  He's deadly with a spray bottle though.  Wall stains were fleeing the scene (water damage may have been showing up though). 

His real forte was toliet scrubbing.  A job he's been eyeing (and occasionally trying) for the past two months.  Actually being allowed to do it was a dream come true.  (If only all dreams were so productive!)


Courtney said...

Dude. Talk about a dream come true-- your kids are AWESOME! Go Lizzy! Go Nye! ...Wanna come over and do like your mommy taught me, to wash dishes and play in all the bubbles in the sink? It's sooooo much fun!

Courtney said...
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