Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why I don't miss owning a dog...

I commented before how similar having a dog and having a son has been.  Quick recap: 
*I often tell him to sit and stay
*I train him to use the potty with treats (which he insists on jumping up and down for when he sees them and often wants me to put it in his mouth)
*He brings me a ball every day to throw so he can go get it
*He barks

But I may have crossed a line today.  It's all his fault really.  We went shopping to buy some rugs for the cold wood floors in the playroom.  I asked for their input.  As we strolled through the pet section, Nye curled up in a dog pad.  We bought it.  It is now his favorite place. 

Lizzy likes it too.   :-)

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