Friday, March 21, 2014

Snowy Spring Day

Spring this year means 60 degree days followed by 8 inches of snow, followed by 60 degree days.  It's actually kind of lovely.  A brief chance to enjoy the snow one last(?) time.  There's only one problem-snow mice. 

I'll let the dread seep in for a moment....

If you use your spidey-senses, you'll start to see them everywhere.  Or at least the possibility of them is everywhere.  The only way to protect the innocent women and children in your house is to use your trusty whisk (borrow your mom's if you can't find one and be sure to leave a trail of discarded utensils and spatulas so someone can find you if you-know-what gets you) and leave no snow unturned....unwhisked?

Nye came in after half an hour and casually told me there were no snow mice on our deck.  You can imagine my relief.  Then he became quite serious, pointed, and told me in a loud whisper, "at least on that side of the deck."  When I looked out, one side of the deck had an awful case of gopher holes, but the other was pristine.  You know what that means.............


Meanwhile, back at the lab, our industrious inventor/color queen was making a family of robots.  As well as using the camera to take pictures of them.  This 5 year old has a knack with the camera!  My favorite part is that Nye's bot looks like the tin man, but he has a heart-a happy heart.  :)  

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