Monday, March 23, 2009

Initiation by Cousins

I'll warn you ahead of time that this post is image HEAVY! However, I knew it would be better than coffee-flavored ice cream to one Grandma. :)

We traveled down to visit with Lee's family in North Carolina this weekend.

Lee's purpose was to celebrate the start of March Madness with lots of TV and lots of pickup basketball.

My purpose was to visit, and Elizabeth's purpose was to get initiated to cousinhood by two wonderfully maternal and loving cousins.

Before we left, my pediatrician warned me not to let her be cuddled and touched too much by little kids since she's so young. Somehow I knew that a "no touch" rule would never fly with this two cousins!! :)

It was a rare moment that Elizabeth was awake and not surrounded by one of the two girls (if not both). They even visited with her while she was sleeping.

The littlest cousin loved to help change diapers. She would always pipe up, "I throw it away!!!"

We also dressed her up like a princess for church using one of the girls' old dresses.

Actually, my sister-in-law let me go through all her girls infant clothing and borrow some.

The two girls were very helpful during this process.

Every time I saw a cute outfit and said so, the oldest cousin would chime in, "You can have it." :) Such generosity in that little heart.

This littlest would scream, "YOU WANT THIS!??," holding up onesie after onesie.

We really had a great time visiting with everyone!

So Elizabeth ended up with lots of kisses, cuddles, hugs, as well a few bumps and bangs. All in the name of love.

I think she liked it. :)

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Ben said...

these pictures and captions were great! arianna and carina keep wanting to look at them again and again.