Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sleddding...Inside Style

We took Lizzy sledding today...but inside. This website gave me the "bright" idea. I still can't tell if she liked it or not. She was very still, quiet, and super alert. However, the moment we stopped for good she did the fastest flip over (and off the paper) I've ever seen. I figure she either wanted to keep moving...or she was jumping off for dear life. :) We'll see tomorrow when I try it again.

In other news, I think Little Bit has read been reading parenting books on the sly. Yesterday I was cuddling with her to get to sleep for her nap. She cried until I put her down in her crib! I didn't know babies weaned themselves from comfort. I was going to eventually work on getting her to sleep by herself, but she beat me to it.

So yesterday after I put her down, I put in her pacifier and quietly read to her. Eventually she fell asleep. Today I put her down when she was calm and sleepy and got out the book to read to her. She cried and fussed until I stopped reading, then she was calm again. Hmm...that's a very clear message. "Shhh Mom, I'm trying to sleep."

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