Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Learning to Speak Boy

I'm quietly sitting in the living room and Nye (9 months) is playing in the play kitchen in the adjacent room.  I hear a small gagging noise, but don't run over right away because Nye usually chokes up whatever it is on the first gag or so. However, I do keep an ear out for any more sounds that might indicate there's a problem.

The first gag is soon followed by a host of choking and gagging noises.  Something's very, very wrong.  My heart's skipping beats as I jump up and sprint over to Nye to see if I can help him or save him or whatever!

Nye's peacefully sitting there, calm as can be, smiling at me, chewing on a cast iron play pan, and practicing a horrible gagging noise.  He's very proud of his new noise.  Oh boy!  BOY!!!

(the picture has nothing to do with the post...No babies or steaks were harmed in the writing of this post :D )

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