Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet Kiney

Last night, somewhere around 10pm, I made a new best friend. Lizzy named her Kiney (K*eye-knee: rhymes with hiney as my husband quickly pointed out).

Lizzy was my dreamer sleeper, but for the past 4 months she has been too scared to go to bed by herself. We'd either put her in our room (bummer!), deal with an hour plus of screaming, whining, etc, or lie in her room with her till she fell asleep (at which point I was practically asleep as well).

Two days ago was one of the worst nights ever with her. She or Nye woke us up 8 or more times between 11pm and 6am. This night was followed by a day of no naps for her and minimal nappage by Nye. It was also the worst day at church we've ever had with them. I think I heard one sentence of a hour long sermon.

The next day, Lee stayed home with the kids while they were napping and I did some therapy shopping. :) It feels so good to enter and exit a car without unstrapping/buckling two kids each time!! While I was out, I found a cute little blue bird night-light that charges, then unplugs and lights up on it's battery power. Although it was a little pricey, I was willing to pay it for the chance at sleep.

So last night we put Lizzy to bed and gave her a new surprise! Lizzy loved it and immediately named her. Lee and I put Nye to sleep and left the room. We were sure the calm wouldn't last, and listened for the shrieks of "I'm SCARED!!!!!!!!!" We never heard them. After an hour I checked on her and saw this:

Long story short: I. LOVE. KINEY!!!!!!
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