Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Romans 8:26

Lizzy and Nye were eating a snack when I heard a fight about whose turn it was to say the prayer.  So they took turns, but every time one would finish, the other would shout, "It's my turn!" and say a faster and louder prayer.  Nye's become so abridged it ended up like this:

"Dear God, Please let the kingdom spiders get me."

Thankfully we have a wise, loving and understanding God who does not always choose to say yes to our prayers.

(As background, Nye usually drops the negative in a request. And his nightly prayers always hit three points. Let Kingdom of God come soon, Thank you for ________, and let the spiders get me.  (Read: Don't let the spiders get me...the boy has a phobia of spiders in his bed!)  Lizzy used to get scared that God didn't understand, so she always follows up with "And God, don't let the spiders get Nye. Thank you. Amen."  She's beefing up her intercessory prayer skills. :)

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