Wednesday, August 9, 2006

An Evil Sickness Creeps In

Lee and I had to miss church this weekend. It all started Friday with Lee knowing that he was getting a cold. Saturday he felt quite sick, and I actually started to get those hot, pressurized headaches as well. Problem was that I had already made TWO pans of fudge, and one LARGE pan of lasagna for potluck. So we had a three-fold duty this past weekend.

1. Get well
2. Get well while eating as much lasagna as possible (i.e. brunch, lunch, dinner, midnight snack, repeat...)
3. Pawn fudge off on everyone we knew! (No one has accepted so far, but Lee came up with the brilliant plan to bring it to his office.)

I vanquished my cold by Monday morning (lucky me!), but Lee has singlehandedly wiped out 2 1/2 Kleenex boxes thus far. I believe he's going for all three.

Yesterday I did all the grocery shopping, by bike of course. :) I do enjoy my bike. I got in about 12 1/2 miles and hit a top speed of 27.5 mph on a backwoods trail. Maybe not incredibly smart, but OH so fun!

Well I'm off to try and talk my way into in-state tuition. Otherwise I shall be substituting this fall, which would almost be more fun. So however it turns out, it will be just right.

photo cortesy of I have always wanted one of these. They are gross, disgusting, repulsive, yet I strongly believe that if my head feels likely to blow to bits because of incredible amounts of mucoid pressure and I reach for a tissue from this particular box, I will laugh so much that I'll immediately feel 50% better. This is only a hypothesis of course, and Lee won't let me buy it just to prove this. Always squashing my scientific inquiries...bah!

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