Friday, August 4, 2006

Identity Crisis?

I had so much fun yesterday! I had a hard time choosing whether to spend the day as Betty Crocker or the Home Depot Regular, so I chose the very modern and hip choice of both. :)

After doning an apron to make some whole wheat bread for hamburgers last night (I absolutely love cooking for someone!), I was cleaning and putting away some supplies I had just bought, such as paper towels and a towel rack. This particular rack was one that hangs on a wall. It came with two screws, two drywall screw holders and no instructions. I've used these before, but for someone who has never screwed things into drywall, I this would have been very confusing!!

So while still in my flour smudged apron I pull out my lever, line up the towel holder, get out my drill (thanks Dad!) and fit it with the drywall bit. Drill through the drywall, which mingles drywall dust with flour on my apron. :) Come back to the drywall, hammer in the little plastic things. Mount the towel holder, screw in the screws and whalla! Then I look around pretty proud of myself and realize there is a chance that going from bread making to drilling through drywall may not be a completely normal for a lot of people.

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