Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Frustrated: When you know your right, but you don't have the words to logically prove it

Lee was hitting Lizzy on the head with a ballon (gently of course...sort of :) ) and singing "Fee Fi Fo Fum, I'm hitting Lizzy on the head!"

Lizzy:  "Daddy, stop! God doesn't say that you can say that."

Lee:  "What does God say?"

Lizzy: "God says, 'Don't worship idols, don't steal, honor your mommy and daddy...."

Lee interrupting:  "Yeah, but he doesn't say don't hit people on the head, so I can do that, right?

Lizzy, indignantly: "NO! God doesn't say that."

Lee:  "I know, God doesn't say that, so I can."

Lizzy:  "NOOOOOOOO....Daddy!"

Lee:  "But he does say be nice, so I guess I should stop hitting you on the head."

Lizzy was pacified and they commenced a 15 minute game of keep the ballon off the ground and bounce on the couch.  All ended well. :)

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