Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Power of Greens

Nye was done with our hour and a half long grocery trip about 25 minutes into it.  He ran around like a crazy man, pushed all the buttons on the scales, tried putting random food into the cart, and stopped listening. 

It wasn't long before he found himself buckled into the cart.  Indignant screaming ensued briefly followed by total silence.  I didn't notice the quiet at first, but then it hit me and I began to pay very close attention to what he was doing.

Nye was eating raw kale by the handfuls, just as pleased as can be.  Truly eating it too. It was already weighed and scanned so I let him at it.  25 total minutes of happy leaf eating and peace.  O kale, I love you!

Later, after he woke up fussy from naps, he found the washed kale still sitting on the counter and worked on it for another 10 minutes or so.

My only concern?  Tomorrow's diaper...

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